How To Add Options To User Profiles Using personal_options

I wanted to add additional fields / options to the WordPress User Profiles, this would enable users to add their Twitter, Facebook, and Phone Number. Below is a snippet of code you can either add to functions.php or integrate into your WordPress plugin!

Adding A Drop Down Menu To personal_options

If your curious how to add a select drop down menu, below is an example on how to do this. I hope you find this useful!

How To Remove Default personal_options in User Profiles

Below is a snippet of code that allows you to remove personal_options in the WordPress User Profile.

Now How Do I Echo This Onto A Page!?

I am assuming you know a little bit about PHP, WordPress Theme development and the API. Below is a function you can use. If you need more info on the_author_meta() and get_the_author_meta() functions please visit the codex. Please feel free to ask a question in comments.

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