How To Fix AT&T Galaxy S2 Wifi Issue After Root 2.3.6

If you’re a fan of The Unlockr and happen to pick up the AT&T Galaxy S2 (SGH-i777)… You may have flipped upside down and started dragging your head on the keyboard in frustration after you realized your wifi is completely broken! I have the solution.

Fluff: After digging around the XDA and Android Device Forums I found that factory AT&T Galaxy S2 typically came with 2.3.4, most write-ups online is for 2.3.4. Samsung’s recent OTW release 2.3.6, left thousands of Superusers with wifi connectivity issues due to having the wrong kernel.

How To Fix AT&T Galaxy S2 Wifi Issue Under 2.3.6

1.) Calm the fuck down, sip your coffee, breath.
2.) Goto:
3.) Download the latest Attached File (as of 2/12/2012 it is note the retarded naming convention is a time stamp for DD_[02/07/2012].zip – I thought the top attached file was the latest)
4.) Connect Galaxy S2 to your PC/Mac, enter USB Storage Mode, place the .zip file onto your device (just put it in the root).
5.) Power off device and enter ClockworkMod Recovery Mode (By holding down the volume down, volume up button, and the power button. Let go of the power button once the device turns on and continue to hold the volume buttons until the recovery screen loads.)
6.) Use vol up / down to highlight “install zip from sd” then use the home button to select (maybe different on other devices)
7.) Select the .zip file, install, reboot device.

When the OS loads you should be able to go to Settings -> Wifi and see all your hotspots. Connect and test.


Note: Please let me know if this does not work for you in the comments. I can further assist / update for others. Thanks!

UPDATE AS OF 6/26/2012: As of June 26, 2012 Samsung has released the OEM Ice Cream Sandwich. Previously, I decided to try out the leaked version that surfaced on the XDA forums. I am currently working on trying out the Samsung official release of ICS. I advise precaution, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

UPDATE AS OF 12/1/2013: My AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 has died as of 11/29/2013… The power button seems to have failed, causing to randomly turn on and off or stick (making it so I cannot wake / lock the screen.) I am very distraught! 🙁 If you by chance found this post, I hope this works for your phone. If you run into issues I can do my best to help. But if you run into an issue and figure out a way around it feel free to leave feedback for future reference. Ironically, I was able to pick up a free Samsung Galaxy S4 on Black Friday. Time to void the warranty! RIP S2, if I find another one on CL cheap I’ll turn it into a dedicated car mp3 player. 🙂

30 thoughts on “How To Fix AT&T Galaxy S2 Wifi Issue After Root 2.3.6

  1. Stan Marsh say:

    This was unbelievably helpful.. i was about to give up.

    • codesleepshred say:

      😀 Hey thanks stan, glad this was able to help someone. If anyone notices this post needs updates please let me know. ^_~

  2. ethan say:

    im having trouble with this and i do not understand, but my wifi is not working on my device…galaxy s2 on att

    • codesleepshred say:

      What exactly are you stuck on ethan? Also note; currently you want to grab

  3. Chris say:

    My wifi was working fine since ATT galaxy S2 release, in the last month however the wifi has stopped working. It says connected but it won’t load anything in any app or play store. Also I’ve started to notice some mobile data issues slowly disabling the 4G connectivity. I have no clue why this is happening and I’m running 2.3.6 OS. I’m a computer guy and yet everything I’ve attempted on my router or on the phone has not improved the issue!

  4. maggy say:

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…….

  5. juan carlos soliman say:


  6. Jose say:

    Doesn’t work 🙁 . I get an error that says E:signature verification failed when I try to install the

    • codesleepshred say:

      Are you running the AT&T Galaxy S2? Did you do the root proceedure from The Unlockr? I know there are a few different write-ups, this article is specific for the Unlockr as they provide a link to the specific ROM / Bootloader I’ve placed on my SGH-i777

  7. Frank C say:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was at my wits end and stumbled upon your site. The fact that you took the time to hear about a problem then root around to find the solution and then share it, with those of us who dont know how to do this, is just so so well you know. most appreciated . tnx_6… and the coffee is always good 🙂

  8. sLICK say:


  9. Arunkumar PT say:

    Thank you so much! its worked !

  10. Sherie say:

    Hi, will this work on GT-I9100?

  11. Sherie say:

    i tried it. it didnt work on GT-I9100. the back and home keys were disabled. but thanks

  12. Joni say:

    This is AWSOME!!! Thank you so much!! It totally worked!! Your God to me!!! =)

  13. lew say:

    What if you don’t have CWM installed? Not sure why, but for some reason the ODIN i used to root did not install CWM. In recovery mode, it doesnt find any zip.

  14. Bro…as of today, 03 Feb 2013 this worked like a charm! Your hard work and dedication to helping people out is appreciated more than you know.

    • Eddi Hughes say:

      No problem! Thanks for leaving a comment. Just a heads up, I am now on Jelly Bean (Cyanogenmod 10) – I used the app ROM Manager to get the nightly builds. 🙂

  15. aayush say:

    hey bro what will need to grab now DD_03072012 and where to put this file in the devices…..

  16. Aayush say:

    What means putting the file in root

  17. bryan say:

    wow its aug 2013 and this still works like a charm!. thank you!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I still rock the S2 with extended battery. I am waiting for more options for dual band LTE antennas. 🙂 Hopefully next spring will have some more powerful phones on the market.

  18. desatado say:

    thanks man! you saved me a heart attack 🙂

    • Good to hear this is still relevant, always willing to update the post if anyone runs into a road block.

      Edit: for any users that read this, I am currently on CM 10.2 Nightlies. Althought there are some instability issues (sometimes apps freeze, very random. But it’s not so bad that warrant reverting back to CM 10.1) the performance is outstanding in Android 4.3.X – the performance benefits makes it quicker for Chromecast response and other general activities. Remember to get the Google Apps for Android 4.2 and above:

  19. Ahmed say:

    where can i get a working CWM recovery

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