Gabe Newell 2013 Presentation At University of Texas

Living close to Bellevue, considered one of the thriving hearts of a massive gaming industry, it’s fascinating to hear Gabe Newell’s insight to the economics and future of gaming. <3

My description that took about 35 minutes to write, “Gabe Newell descends from his Bellevue, WA geosynchronous orbit upon the University of Texas where his gravitational pull deeply disturbing the North American tectonic plate causing a volcanic “quartet” in Kamchatka, of the Russian Federation; in unison his voice violently tears temporal disturbances throughout space-time causing cracks as his wisdom endows hundreds of thousands of students, gamers, politicians, economists, lawyers, doctors, and business executives with his vast knowledge and insight on the “State of Gaming” as ripples emit from the surface of Newell’s equator: represented by a 153,973 ft long genuine leather belt banded together with a plutonium belt buckle in the shape of half-lift lambada which has on the side of the symbol etched “3” – HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.”

I may have to take notes the second time I watch this. Very interesting presentation. If your into Economics, you head will explode.

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