Desktop Links, Default Browser on Windows 8

Here is how to change your default browser in Windows 8, including links you click (say Skype or Google Talk). IE10 please go away.

1.) Press the Windows Key on your keyboard. Start typing “Default Programs” and open it.

2.) Click “Set your default programs” – for me, I clicked Google Chrome then clicked “Set this program as default.” You will notice it say “This program has all its defaults” when it’s finished.

3.) New To Windows 8 (RTM and Developers Preview): Go back to Default Programs in Step 1 and click “Set program access and computer defaults.” Select “Non-Microsoft” and under “Web browser” select your default application. Google Chrome does not show up under here, just select Mozilla Firefox. If you went to “Set your default programs” and set Google Chrome to have all it’s defaults, it may open in Chrome. For some reason it did it for me.

Voila! No more Internet Explorer Metro tile thingy cramping your Win-8 Style!

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