23 thoughts on “Dark NetBeans Themes: Oblivion Revival and Monokai

  1. Hussein say:

    Thank you !

  2. anonymous say:

    Thank you =]

  3. lactarius say:

    Thanks – oblivion_revival is “eyes friendly”.

  4. akuyume say:

    Nice work, I love coding with Monokai in just about every environment!

  5. Marco say:

    I liked the monokai.
    The work became more enjoyable.
    Thank you! 😉

  6. Robert say:

    thanks! I like the oblivian theme very much. 🙂

  7. Pendar say:

    Thanks Man! I know how long it takes to match all these colors , fonts and the background! well done. You really saved me from some serious eye strain!

  8. Max say:

    I like the monokai
    thank you =)

  9. Emanuele say:

    good job, monokai theme is perfect !

  10. ben say:

    thanks for you~~

  11. Jim say:

    How did you change the color of the seperator between the line numbers and the editor in oblivion_revival?

  12. Dinesh say:

    I tried both of your theme..For me monokai theme looks good..Thanks for the theme.

  13. Happy User say:

    Thanks, i am using monokai, it’s great.

  14. Happy User say:

    Thanks a lot for your effort, much appreciated. I am using Monokai.

  15. Abi أب say:

    What Netbeans version this will work?

  16. Alexis say:

    Boom! Thank you. I was using another dark theme I wont name but the contrast was terrible. This is hot

  17. Thanks. The oblivious revival is a very good color theme, I’m using it now.

  18. Andres say:

    monokai the best, ty!!

  19. Sebastian say:

    Gracias, es excelente para el netbeans! va de perlas!


  20. Douglas say:

    Thank you! I was using Sublime Text and now when returned to Netbeans the first thing I need to change is this!

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