BitTorrent SyncApp Alpha Testing


Today, I received my invitation to alpha test BitTorrent SyncApp. I can only imagine the implications this will open up. Although Dropbox is safe, secure, and redundant, how safe is your files? SyncApp is interest, I generate a secret key and designate my “SyncApp” folder. I fire it up my laptop and install SyncApp.exe and punch in my secret key. Immediately, over 2,800+ files in my WordPress localhost is synced to my laptop. This afternoon, it’s synced to a 3rd box. I am interested in taking this to the next step and placing my files on a Linux server in California… with all my private git repositories. I wonder how well git will behave with SyncApp?

I think the most fascinating implication of SyncApp that I can brew in my mind is utilizing it over a Meshnet. Think of tying several Meshnet nodes in Bellingham and giving end users the “secret key” – madness. I wonder if there’s anyone in Bellingham that has already thrown up Meshnet nodes?

The next plan of actions with alpha testing BitTorrent SyncApp will be to tie all of my company files (.psd, .ai, .eps) between 3 computers and potentially a 4th. Perhaps my personal dedicated server down in California? Or maybe I should throw up an experimental Amazon EC2 with block storage? D: OMFG, way to excited.

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Desktop Links, Default Browser on Windows 8

Here is how to change your default browser in Windows 8, including links you click (say Skype or Google Talk). IE10 please go away.

1.) Press the Windows Key on your keyboard. Start typing “Default Programs” and open it.

2.) Click “Set your default programs” – for me, I clicked Google Chrome then clicked “Set this program as default.” You will notice it say “This program has all its defaults” when it’s finished.

3.) New To Windows 8 (RTM and Developers Preview): Go back to Default Programs in Step 1 and click “Set program access and computer defaults.” Select “Non-Microsoft” and under “Web browser” select your default application. Google Chrome does not show up under here, just select Mozilla Firefox. If you went to “Set your default programs” and set Google Chrome to have all it’s defaults, it may open in Chrome. For some reason it did it for me.

Voila! No more Internet Explorer Metro tile thingy cramping your Win-8 Style!

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Unified Remote – Androids Answer To Wireless PC Remote!

One of the main reasons I need a wireless PC remote is Netflix and Hulu Plus… I do not own a Television, and if I have a “movie date night” it’s kind of odd to have my guest sit as I awkwardly fumble a keyboard and wireless mouse in the dark.

A few nights ago while I was laying their with my girlfriend, we were coming up to the end of an episode of Sekirai. I couldn’t find my wireless mouse and decided to Google around for a solution.

I ended up finding a god sent savior, Philip from Unified Remote to the rescue!

I quickly downloaded the app and installed the server side client to my PC all while Sekirai continued to play on Netflix. Without a hesitation, Kayla asked, “What are you doing babe?”

Why Is Unified Remote The Best?

I have tried many different types of remotes. Let’s break it down: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller + Wireless PC Dongle, Windows Media Center PC Remote Control, Logitech Wireless G700, TeamViewer for Android, and I’m NOT about to pay $40 for Logmein for Android! To put it simple: Unified Remote has a built in mouse touch pad, utilizes the Android keyboard for input, has specialized remotes for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Windows Media Player, VLC, foobar2000, iTunes, and much much more.

TL:DR; Unified Remote has a mouse pad, keyboard, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VLC, iTunes remote.

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ATi Radeon HD Series Windows 8 Consumer Preview Drivers

Updated 7/20/2012, notes at the bottom.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview just released today, and many AMD ATi Radeon HD consumers are stuck in the dark! If you are seeking the drivers for Consumer Preview, fear not! I have found them!

If you can’t get Windows 8 Developer Preview drivers or Windows 7 64-bit drivers to run on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, please download the following RC10 of Catalyst Control Center. Note: Be sure to visit AMD’s site for the latest Release Candidate. As of 2/29/2012 it is RC10!

AMD Catalyst Driver 8.93.7 RC10

Full WDDM 1.2
Highlights include:
Native Stereo 3D support: Windows 8 will natively support Stereo 3D for full-screen and windowed gaming, and video applications
Unified Video API – Video playback is now integrated within the DirectX® 11 API; enabling simultaneous high quality Video and 3D content, and the potential for enhanced video transcoding performance
Optimized screen rotation
improved sleep / resume performance
Optimized Power Consumption

AMD Eyefinity
AMD Dual Graphics / AMD CrossFire™ Technology
AMD Overdrive™
AMD Catalyst Control Center / Vision Engine Control Center
Please note: A future AMD Catalyst Windows 8 driver release will add support for the AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series in the coming weeks.

UPDATE 3/9/2012: If you are experiencing errors launching programs, such as Logitech’s software programs or Adobe Premier that read, “LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The specified module could not be found.” attempt to reinstall Catalyst Control Center. This may require a full restart.

UPDATE 7/15/2012 Here are the drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview:

UPDATE 7/20/2012 If anyone running Adobe Photoshop CS6 is experiencing LoadLibrary error 126 – I would recommend downloading and installing the Windows 7 64-bit drivers and running those. Be sure to go into Device Manager and uninstall the Engineering Sample drivers. I will give it a few weeks before going back to the Windows 8 drivers, I’ve informed ATi of this issue.

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