Mt. Baker Slush Cup July 21st 2012

Above: Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2011 by Empty Roll Productions

Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2012 continues the tradition sparked up in the early 1950’s, ‎”On July 4th of 1953 I went to Mt. Baker, Washington to film the Slush Cup. This was in the days when it was a real glacial pond and before it got shut down because of too many people trying for greatness while using chemicals in place of courage.” – Warren Miller [citation].

Very much like Mt. Baker Sesh Up, the grass roots tradition continues on July 21, 2012; come to the upper lodge parking lot and hike out to the pond just off Austin / Blueberry runs and enjoy the sun with a group of friends!

The Facebook Event:

Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2011 – Part 2

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Snowboarding In Mt. Baker Backcountry

Shovel, beacon, probe, pack a lunch, 6 pack of beer and camera equipment; Mt. Baker’s backcountry ease of access from the upper parking lot is a short hike.

MountainHigh spends a good time out in Mt. Baker backcountry to FILM their latest video. Incredible riders include Erik Botner, Fredrik Evensen, Joacim Nyhaugen, and Quinn Joseph Baumberger. Most of the footage shot in this video I can easily identify, a few spots I’ve never seen before. But without a doubt, they took full advantage of Grandmas cabin!

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