How To Push To Github And

I think this is really important and not many people are aware of this. Evan Solomon deved a tool called Scatter. There are a lot of us that favor utilizing Git > SVN, I feel like SVN is stepping backwards in time. Everyone that is current on Git or started out primarily on git may be turned off by SVN. Welp, kick it in the nuts.

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The Near Future: Netbeans + Android SDK

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In 2012 I have picked up a few great books to read revolving around OOP and bettering myself as a developer. I have also ditched the iPhone and declined Steve Job’s second round of kool-aid in favor of a new mobile device; the Samsung Galaxy S II.

I have begun setting up my Netbeans environment to work with the Android SDK, special thanks to BinaryWasteland. This year I will definitely jump in with the Hello World and pick up a Java book to thumb through.

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