Nate Hamilton – Good Luck Have Fun

It’s good to see that Nate’s new livery has skateboarding influences, I myself, can’t get enough of boarding and drifting. featured Nate Hamilton out of Rowlett, Texas – his new 2012 car is set for this season XtremeDriftCircuit. I hope to see him at more events this year! 🙂

Photo credit to What Monsters Do!

Bump it for Nate Hamilton! gl;hf!

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Lib Tech Reshares Game of Thrones Lib Lando Photoshop

On October 17th I decided to quickly make a high resolution Photoshop based on the Game of Thrones meme “Winter is coming.” The original being 3399 x 1912, I shared it on Facebook. Lib Tech and Mark Landvik saw it and apparently liked what I made. The reshare got in front of many Lib Tech fans and I received a few inquires for a wallpaper sized version. Here are the links for the 1600 x 900 and 1920 x 1080 version of the original.

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How To Take A Small QRCode And Convert To Vector Path In Adobe Illustrator

Note as of 10/19/2012: In Adobe Illustrator CS6 the previous feature called “Live Trace” is now called “Image Trace.” To make modifications to the settings go to Window -> Image Trace and the panel will appear. After that you can go to Object -> Image Trace -> Make. Enjoy, and thanks for the comments!

In the past, I’ve received clients suggesting to place QRCodes on marketing print materials. Usually when I preview the file they sent it’s a very low resolution compressed image, which doesn’t play well in print. If you happen to be a Creative Suite owner, fear not, there is a simple trick to convert these small images to vector based paths. This will allow you to scale the QRCode regardless of DPI / size. We can get a vector path from a jpg, gif or png by using Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace feature!

You will need to open up Adobe Illustrator and create a new file. Don’t worry about the document sizing. Either go File -> Place (to import the image to canvas) or copy/paste the image.

At this point goto Object -> Live Trace -> Tracing Options

I used the following settings to get an accurate path traced based on the QRCode image. I used the following settings:

Threshold: 1 (or 2)
Blur: 0 px
Path Fitting: 0 px
Minimum Area: 0 px
Corner Angle: 0

When you click Trace, the paths will be generated. Double check to make sure it looks accurate by using the Preview check box.

Once it’s done, click the object that was generated, go to Object -> Live Trace -> Expand and it will reveal the paths.

At this point you can either use the path object in Adobe Illustrator, or copy / paste this into Adobe Photoshop. Note: When pasting into Adobe Photoshop, Paste As Smart Object. It will retain it’s vector paths, allowing you to scale the object to whatever size / dpi.


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Logo Concept: Code Sleep Shred

I figured that I’d publish this now. As you can tell, the blog is running the stock TwentyTen theme, which is great. I am not focusing on design right now, merely content! Below is the Code Sleep Shred logo content I brewed up in my mind.

This design is intended for t-shirts, which will eventually segway to buttons / stickers. Although, the swag would only be for personal promotion, I hope a few readers will indulge.

The Concept

Code, Sleep, Shred defines who I am. By day I code away at WordPress projects. By night I am tinkering with the latest distro’s on my servers or locally on uBuntu. Next thing you know, I’m shredding epic powder at local mountains. Note: the wildcard at the end of ./shred* – not only does shred represent my passionate obsession for snowboarding, it’s also an analogy for other types of shredding; shred on my skateboard, shred tires, shred papers, shred babies, etc.

The goal of is to present who I am. Regardless of my interests or who the reader is and why they ended up on my blog. If they find it resourceful under the #nerdcore categories, great! Although one might enjoy my personal interests.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you discover useful information from this blog.

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