De-laminating / Cracked DC MLF Snowboard

I’m very sad from this weekends epic adventures up at Mt. Baker Ski Resort. I came back with a cracked / de-laminating snowboard. I’ve only had this snowboard for 3 months and it is in pristine condition. There is only one ding in the edge, which was my fault. The actual de-laminating spot is near the binding is where a skiers edge cut the top layer and a little bit of the sidewall. I noticed there was a burr, so I removed it. I was mainly worried that the top layer would start pealing back. I noticed a crack on the top layer Sunday afternoon which spanned about 70% width of the board. I quickly jumped out of my bindings to inspect the crack. It seems to have spidered from that spot where the ding originally was and begun de-laminated. The resin layer in between the sidewall / core and the top layer is flaking. I figured I’d start looking into warranty options, but I have a feeling it might not be honored.

Looking at the DC Snow Policy page, there is no mention about snowboard warranties and the process to have them inspected. I shot warranty (at) an e-mail, so I hope to hear back from them soon. I noticed the company also lists authorized DC dealers, so I looked at my local options here in Bellingham. I immediately shot off a few e-mails, made a few calls and even walked into Zumiez to see if they could contact a DC Shoes rep. Unfortunately, the main manager at Zumiez said a few other customers have been having issues contacting DC for warranties. He said to check out DC’s website and contacting them directly. I contacted The House about contact information for a local DC rep with no response back. I’m starting to worry DC Snow might be a little to small to provide good customer service.

I might be in luck though, after the disappointing news from Zumiez I decided to make a few more calls to local shops near Seattle. Michael from Grass Roots Outdoors said I should bring in the board and he could call DC in California directly. I’m planning on zipping down to Everett Tuesday to send off my board immediately.

A lot of people question the quality of DC Snowboards since they’re a fairly new snowboard company. I’m really hoping that this incident doesn’t effect my opinion on DC Snowboards. Over the years, the DC Snow division has been perfecting their snowboard technology by working with their pro team. In all honesty, the DC MLF Snowboard is a great freestyle board and I would recommend their boards to others. Hopefully my next buy tops the 2009 DC MLF Snowboard.

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Testing mail() On Apache

Updated March 2017: fixed the code to display from gist snippet.

Here is a simple way of testing if your mail() function is working. I’ve used this script to test if the mail servers are properly working. From time to time I’m asked to migrate websites to new DNS’s. When I’m setting up the MX Records, I need to test to make sure the server sends / receives e-mails.

To test outgoing mail using PHP’s mail() function, simply create testmail.php and use this:

$to = "";
$header = "From: {$to}";
$subject = "Test Subject Here";
$body = "Hi this is a test email to see if the mail() function is working properly on your site.";
if (mail($to, $subject, $body, $header)) {
echo ("<p>Message successfully sent!</p>");
} else {
echo("<p>Message delivery failed…</p>");

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Very straight forward, set $to variable to your own e-mail. Edit the $subject and $body if needed. The if conditional will e-mail you if the mail() function exists! Otherwise, you get fail. 🙁

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Whether or not I actually commit to blogging is an eternity of suffering on my end. I’ve purchased countless domains, started new projects and had ideas flop here and there. I guess that’s the nature of a web geek. I’m very surprised the domain hasn’t been snatched up… Intrigued, I decided to start this blog. I am trying to disassociate from my professional life in this blog for now. Perhaps humoring myself is the key to actually forcing myself to blog.

My goals is to provide an alternative lifestyle blog to the Pacific Northwest. If I were to draw a venn diagram of the PNW, it would encompass: extreme sports, cars, and technology. There is no doubt that this blog will eventually spill into my professional life. But for now, I will be focusing on building content.

O Hai!

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