Codecademy Google Chrome Web Store Shortcut


I am attempting to make it a habit to use Codecademy everyday for brain food. I’d like to work through all the lessons and complete Codecademy’s Code Year Track – I want it front and center everytime I open Google Chrome. I decided to quickly make a Chrome Web Store Shortcut for convenience. If you’d like to use it too, feel free to download it.

How do you add this to Google Chrome? Simple, extract the contents of the .zip file to a nice location (I used Dropbox so I can put it on my other computers). Then go to the Menus icon in the top right corner -> Tools -> Extensions. You will see a button at the top “Load unpacked extensions…” – click that and navigate to the extracted folder and hit Ok. Open a new tab and try it out.

You can use this base template to use it for any other web applications, but remember they are only localized to your computer. If you have a desktop, laptop, and a workstation, you’ll have to manually add it on each computer. Included is a .psd file if you’d like to make your own Chrome Web Store icons! :3

Bonus DLC: Here is a link to the Facebook one I designed. This one looks a lot better than the crappy one currently available in the Chrome Web Store.

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