Screen Capture Recording Your Desktop With Open Broadcaster Software

In this article, we will briefly touch on how to setup Open Broadcaster Software, which allows you to record you desktop to mp4 format. This is useful for creating desktop tutorials or recording online webinars.

Install And Configure

1.) Download Open Broadcaster Software

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2.) Run the installer.

3.) Run Open Broadcaster Software

4.) Configure your OBS by going to Settings -> Settings

5.) Under “Broadcast Settings” switch the Mode to “File Output Only” and click “Browse.” Navigate to a proper directory and name the file “video” click save.

6.) Be sure to remove “video.mp4” at the end of the File Path and click “Apply”

File Path Example: C:UsersUsernameDocuments

7.) Left hand side, select “Video” and make sure your Resolution Downscale is set to the highest resolution. Click “Apply.”

8.) Left hand side, select “Audio” check that your Microphone is set to the appropriate mic. For instance, Logitech HeadsetClick “Apply.” and hit “OK”

9.) Setup your Sources by right clicking the blank column and going to Add -> Monitor Capture. Name and configure your monitor accordingly.

10.) Add any additional Scenes, Sources (Webcam, Text, Monitors) as needed. Use “Edit Scene” to move sources around the OBS canvas.

11.) Use the button “Preview Stream” to preview / interact with your OBS canvas.

12.) Click “Start Recording” to begin your desktop recording.

The File Output

All files should be placed into your “File Path” set in step 6 and named with a timestamp. You can use these mp4’s in video editing software such as Adobe Elements Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, iMovie, Final Cut Studio, etc. If you do it all in one take, you will not need video editing software and you can easily upload the mp4 file to Youtube or Vimeo. Enjoy!

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Acquire All The Swag: AlwaysReckless Decals


The other week, Justin headed up to Bellingham with a crew to see Red Fang at The Shakedown Bellingham and dropped off a pack Always Reckless decals. Justin and I were talking about vinyl die-cutting silk screening and the potential for bringing in new clients around Bellingham and the Seattle area. If you have any decal ideas, reach out! Holla holla!

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Evergreen Drift: Up In Smoke Figure 8’s

Brandon Franulovic and Marc Ulin smoking out Evergreen Speedway in Monroe WA doing Figure 8s. Both drivers have come a long way in 2012 and are both motivated to progress this year. Both Bfran and Ulin are in the planning stages of getting their roll cages fabricated. Hope to see them tandem together on the 3/8ths and later this year hit the 5/8th bank!

The video footage was provided by Brandon Franulovic, I believe his brother Josh, his gf Natalie Hood, and a few others filmed this with his Panasonic HD camera. Both drivers needed post production and I asked if I could do it!

This 2013 season, I will be trying to get out to the drift events more with Always Reckless. Bfran and Ulin both agree to allow me to use their GoPros along with my Contour HD cameras. I’ve invested in a few camera mounts that they’d probably love to use! Hope to see everyone this season! Please subscribe and like!

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Marc Ulin @ Evergreen Drift 89 and Hooning Harlem Shake

Threw up the raw footage of Marc Ulin warming up the track with his Corolla TE Lexus 1UZ Swap. Taking a few rides with Marc, although the track was wet, it felt gripy! His car sling shots down the straight away burning out all the way until 3rd gear and continues to rip through power ally. Ulin mentioned that his next fabrication project is to get a roll cage welded in so that he can tandem. Looking forward to see Marc side by side with a few of EVD’s veterans!

Beard Life Hooing Harlem Shake!

My Monday morning cup of coffee wasn’t complete without BG doing the Harlem Shake in his RX7 FC!

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Codecademy Google Chrome Web Store Shortcut


I am attempting to make it a habit to use Codecademy everyday for brain food. I’d like to work through all the lessons and complete Codecademy’s Code Year Track – I want it front and center everytime I open Google Chrome. I decided to quickly make a Chrome Web Store Shortcut for convenience. If you’d like to use it too, feel free to download it.

How do you add this to Google Chrome? Simple, extract the contents of the .zip file to a nice location (I used Dropbox so I can put it on my other computers). Then go to the Menus icon in the top right corner -> Tools -> Extensions. You will see a button at the top “Load unpacked extensions…” – click that and navigate to the extracted folder and hit Ok. Open a new tab and try it out.

You can use this base template to use it for any other web applications, but remember they are only localized to your computer. If you have a desktop, laptop, and a workstation, you’ll have to manually add it on each computer. Included is a .psd file if you’d like to make your own Chrome Web Store icons! :3

Bonus DLC: Here is a link to the Facebook one I designed. This one looks a lot better than the crappy one currently available in the Chrome Web Store.

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