Skateboarding from Bellingham To Seattle, then The Art Of Flight Movie

September 10th, 2011 I took my time driving down the i5 corridor stopping at a few skate parks along the way. The Art Of Flight west coast premier at McCaw Hall was in the back of my mind. I stopped in Arlington WA to ride their skate park. To my surprise, there was a full pipe in their bowl section!

My ankle has finally healed up enough to the point where I can actually do grinds and flip tricks. I was stoked, but at the same time nervous because of how rusty I had become. I opted to ride the bowl a few times as a warm up, then practicing front side / back side board slides. My ollie manuals were utter crap, but still had crooks, 5-0’s down. I was hesitant to do flip tricks since my ankle does flare up once in a while. After about an hour and a half at Arlington Skatepark, I headed south to the Marysville WA Skatepark.

I haven’t been to the Marysville skatepark in nearly 8 years, so I was very skeptical I could gain my bearings. Luckily, it all started flowing back. Popping out of banks to backside crooks, nose slides, 50-50’s, transferring the banks. I even attempted a melon grab (but failed miserably.) The locals were friendly, complementing my ollies. Apparently I still got big pop!

I think next time I head to Seattle, I’ll wake up early to hit up skateparks on the way down i5. It was really exciting to ride parks I haven’t been to since high school! I did feel a bit winded, I have been out of the game with an ankle injury since April of this year. Prior to that, snowboarding and the gym has been keeping me in shape. I haven’t skated at legit parks since earlier in the spring (Bellingham WA skatepark).

Even though I was extremely rusty, I was able to gain back what I grew up doing. I think this needs to happen more often!

Arriving in Shoreline, WA I briefly stopped at Shorelines skatepark. Afterwards, I drove down the block to my buddies house. We immediately headed out to Seattle.

My honest review about The Art of Flight is this: Get off my fucking lawn and buy this god damn movie on iTunes! It’s only $9.99!!! If you want it on DVD-and-Blu-Ray, the collectors edition is available at,, and

Below is the trailers, behold it’s astronomically beast mode that is director of photography, Curt Morgans face!

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