Monokai For Google Chrome – Inspect Element


I found an interesting repository that web developers might find useful. Monokai for the Chrome Developer Tools! Honestly, this makes the Inspect Element UI more readable for me. I often find myself staring at the source code for hours until my eyes bleed. Now if only I could remember how to style view-source…

Link to the repository:

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An Adventure Towards LightSpeed!


In the past, I have worked directly with the back end of Navision Point-of-Sale software, working with inventory, setting up customer sales, quotes, and billing. A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine approached me with an inquiry about point of sales systems on Mac OS X.

One of the most talked about point of sales applications in recent years has been LightSpeed Pro, along with their Cloud software, iPad app, and eCommerce integration (Magento baby!). I’ve taken on the project to help them setup their POS machine and import their suppliers price lists. In the future, I hope that having the knowledge of LightSpeed Pro will help me out. One of my dreams is to start a small online retail store and grow it to the point where I can open a store front. ^_^


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Thanksgiving Week New Tunes

I am attempting to stay active on blogging, one of my obsessions is music. Here’s my weeks top picks. I will add new tracks throughout the day/week.

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A Quest For Ruby & Gems


The last couple of weeks, I’ve taken upon myself to hunker down and study Ruby. In my free time, I like to brush on on languages and exercise my brain. I completed a few Ruby courses over the summer, but in the last few weeks I needed “reference material.”

On my quest for reference material, I stumbled upon the legendary _why’s Poignant Guide To Ruby on Github! I opted for the PDF version and uploaded it to my Play Books!


Thumbing through _why’s entertaining book, I started looking at other books to quicky kick start Ruby. Many Ruby books I’ve attempted to read through have always turned me off due to their strange lexicon, dry and unclear explanations, etc. Being that I have a background in HTML, Javascript, and PHP, the analogies in most Ruby books/documentation confused me and I often found myself frustrated. All I wanted was simple reference material to explain the Ruby class, examples of syntax, and a comparison to a language I understood.

While I was reading through random online documentation, I found a blog called “Juixe Techknow” which outlined and explained the Ruby class. After reading the first 2 paragraphs, I suddenly got overwhelmed in excitement. A combination of my Woods Coffee kicking in, and sheer enlightenment, Juixe made a great comparison of Ruby class to Java in this blog post. His explanation clicked as I recall working with Android SDK! Now that everything clicked and I was able to bang out a class file with the methods I needed, I was ready to invest $$$.

I’ve always been a fan of Larry Ullman, in fact him and Elizabeth Castro are the two authors of my favorite books. At a young age, I was turned off my “fluff” types of books, such as Dummies series. “I DON’T WANT TO READ A BOOK THAT COMPARES JAVASCRIPT TO BAKING COOKIES, AND TELLING ME A STORY ABOUT HOW A FAMILY NEEDS TO SOLVE FOR (B) WHILE TRAIN TRAVELS AT x” – seriously, Visual Quick Start Guides enabled me to just “Play” with the code, then think creatively.


If you need reference material to quickly pick up Ruby, I’d encourage purchasing Larry Ullman’s Visual Start Guide to Ruby. Whether your a beginner or advanced user needing to look up syntax, I have nothing negative to say for this book. I picked it up on my Nexus, although I do prefer paperback books, it still is good to skim through.

In the long run, I plan on continuing down this path and picking up Ruby On Rails. Right now, my main goal to Ruby is just to work on a client side project. I would soon like to apply this skill set on an AWS Ruby on Rails instance in the near future! I’m sure my friend @eminkel will enjoy collaborating on a side project!

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Transferring WIX Domain To Another Registrar


Googling around, I found this to be buried in random forum posts. I figured I’d document this for future reference.

To transfer your Wix domain from Wix:
1. From your Domain Manager, under My Domains, next to your Wix domain, click Manage.
2. Under Domain Summary, click the Advanced tab.
3. Next to Transfer Away from Wix, click Transfer.


4. In the Transfer window, click Send.


5. An email with a code will be sent to you. Forward this code to your new domain registrar.
You may not receive the email immediately, but you can expect to receive it on the same day.

Source: Dana from WIX Support, Screen Caps: myself.

At this point, you will have to go to a new registrar, such as and create an account. On the registrar side, you can initiate the domain transfer. Note: Be sure to jot down all DNS Zone information in the WIX Domain Manager panel. Be sure to update the new registrar with DNS information.

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How To Push To Github And

I think this is really important and not many people are aware of this. Evan Solomon deved a tool called Scatter. There are a lot of us that favor utilizing Git > SVN, I feel like SVN is stepping backwards in time. Everyone that is current on Git or started out primarily on git may be turned off by SVN. Welp, kick it in the nuts.

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ƱZ Feat PAZ – Shit I Ain’t Got!


I really enjoy PAZ’s new “Shit I Ain’t Got” – very Anti-New Money. This song suddenly started bumping on my Soundcloud and I wasn’t sure who it was. When I noticed it was under “WhoIsPaz” I was like, “WHHAAT? It’s been a grip!”

I was hoping to get PAZ out to Round 1 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach.

ƱZ Feat PAZ – Shit I Ain’t Got Lyrics

Panamera models, Maserati crib
Lamborghini ceilings in the building where we live
Aston Martin bitches, snitches on Houdini
Fuck it man cause I don’t even own a Lamborghini

[Verse 1]
I ain’t got a Murci, I ain’t got a car
I don’t fuck with thousand dollar bottles at the bar
I ain’t got a Lotus, I can’t drive a stick
I ain’t got a Kardashian ridin on my dick
I ain’t got a Maybach, barely got a paycheck
Stripper told me make it rain
I said I’ll take a rain-check
I ain’t been to Paris, no one trynna fly me
Don’t know how to ball, and ain’t nobody trynna find me
I ain’t got a Rose, I ain’t got a Miller
I ain’t got a deal owe a hundred to my dealer
All I want is Jays, but all I got is Filas
They coppin red bottoms but my bottoms all vanilla
Can’t be jockin blades, can’t be jockin dubs
Asked for Ace of Spades but they brought me Two of Clubs
Got no one to fuck, might as well go home
Cause everybody in this club is fucking with their phones


[Verse 2]
I ain’t got that gliss, I ain’t got that shine
Your girl got a wrist, you be paying all the time
Pears and lemon lime, all that shit is borin
Only grill I got cosigned by George Foreman
I ain’t got that Bentley, I ain’t got a Benz
All I got is homies, can’t afford fugazi friends
Dump them groupie tens, all them bitches fickle
Fuck them fancy dimes, I be fucking two nickles
Say ‘Ye, Say ‘Ye, ain’t this muhfucking crazy?
All we got is pain, and they bathin in champa-zay
They be coppin rays, and we be coppin shady
Who the fuck is flyin all these hoes to San Trope-zay
I ain’t got that Louis, I ain’t got that Kors
I ain’t got that Gucci, I ain’t welcome in their stores
Fuck a label whore, I ain’t got the skrill
So when I die, bury me up in the Taco Bell


That’s that shit, that shit
That shit I ain’t got
That’s that shit I ain’t got


Source: Rap Genius

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