Mt. Baker Slush Cup July 21st 2012

Above: Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2011 by Empty Roll Productions

Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2012 continues the tradition sparked up in the early 1950’s, ‎”On July 4th of 1953 I went to Mt. Baker, Washington to film the Slush Cup. This was in the days when it was a real glacial pond and before it got shut down because of too many people trying for greatness while using chemicals in place of courage.” – Warren Miller [citation].

Very much like Mt. Baker Sesh Up, the grass roots tradition continues on July 21, 2012; come to the upper lodge parking lot and hike out to the pond just off Austin / Blueberry runs and enjoy the sun with a group of friends!

The Facebook Event:

Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2011 – Part 2

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