Mendix: Generate Self Signed Outgoing Connections Certificates

Generate Outgoing Connections Certificate Tutorial How To

Below is how to generate a self signed certificate for Mendix Outgoing Connections. This procedure does not include authority certs. Java will kick back for generating self signed certs. You’ll need a certificate authority. Below are notes of the process for self signed.

Generate Private Key.

openssl genrsa 2048 > mxoutgoing.key

Generate Certificate Signing Request.

openssl req -new -key ./mxoutgoing.key > mxoutgoing.csr

Use CSR to generate certificate and sign with private key.

Note: Common Name should contain the domain intended to use.

openssl x509 -in mxoutgoing.csr -out mxoutgoing.crt -req -signkey mxoutgoing.key -days 365

Create the pfx container using the Certificate, Key, and encrypt the container.

openssl pkcs12 -export -out mxoutcert.pfx -inkey mxoutgoing.key -in mxoutgoing.crt

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