An Adventure Towards LightSpeed!


In the past, I have worked directly with the back end of Navision Point-of-Sale software, working with inventory, setting up customer sales, quotes, and billing. A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine approached me with an inquiry about point of sales systems on Mac OS X.

One of the most talked about point of sales applications in recent years has been LightSpeed Pro, along with their Cloud software, iPad app, and eCommerce integration (Magento baby!). I’ve taken on the project to help them setup their POS machine and import their suppliers price lists. In the future, I hope that having the knowledge of LightSpeed Pro will help me out. One of my dreams is to start a small online retail store and grow it to the point where I can open a store front. ^_^


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Evergreen Drift: Up In Smoke Figure 8’s

Brandon Franulovic and Marc Ulin smoking out Evergreen Speedway in Monroe WA doing Figure 8s. Both drivers have come a long way in 2012 and are both motivated to progress this year. Both Bfran and Ulin are in the planning stages of getting their roll cages fabricated. Hope to see them tandem together on the 3/8ths and later this year hit the 5/8th bank!

The video footage was provided by Brandon Franulovic, I believe his brother Josh, his gf Natalie Hood, and a few others filmed this with his Panasonic HD camera. Both drivers needed post production and I asked if I could do it!

This 2013 season, I will be trying to get out to the drift events more with Always Reckless. Bfran and Ulin both agree to allow me to use their GoPros along with my Contour HD cameras. I’ve invested in a few camera mounts that they’d probably love to use! Hope to see everyone this season! Please subscribe and like!

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Pre-Event: PAX Prime 2012 w. Riot Games & After Partys

I have just been informed that I will be working at the Riot Games booth / convention center arena (literally they have an entire level in the convention center dedicated to LoL) this weekend at PAX Prime 2012. I will be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Expo Hall hours. Please come stop by, acquire swag and visit!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to find out where the juicy PAX After Parties are.

I hope to see everyone out this weekend, perhaps grab some lunch / dinner. I’ll post interesting tid-bits via Keek / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook.

Known After Parties


  • @AveryCloseCalls PAX Party


  • 7:30PM
    • Machinima presents: HAWKEN
  • 8:00PM
    • Official League of Legends Riot Games (Friday) PAX After Party
    • The Unoffical PAX Seattle Kickoff Party
  • 9:00PM
    • Curse PAX Prime 2012 After Party
    • The Frag Dolls Assassin’s Creed III PAX Party


  • Seattle .party() 2012 (with AVICII)


  • The 4th Annual Post-PAX Party at Jillian’s!


  • Skrillex @ Bumpershoot

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