Gabe Newell 2013 Presentation At University of Texas

Living close to Bellevue, considered one of the thriving hearts of a massive gaming industry, it’s fascinating to hear Gabe Newell’s insight to the economics and future of gaming. <3

My description that took about 35 minutes to write, “Gabe Newell descends from his Bellevue, WA geosynchronous orbit upon the University of Texas where his gravitational pull deeply disturbing the North American tectonic plate causing a volcanic “quartet” in Kamchatka, of the Russian Federation; in unison his voice violently tears temporal disturbances throughout space-time causing cracks as his wisdom endows hundreds of thousands of students, gamers, politicians, economists, lawyers, doctors, and business executives with his vast knowledge and insight on the “State of Gaming” as ripples emit from the surface of Newell’s equator: represented by a 153,973 ft long genuine leather belt banded together with a plutonium belt buckle in the shape of half-lift lambada which has on the side of the symbol etched “3” – HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.”

I may have to take notes the second time I watch this. Very interesting presentation. If your into Economics, you head will explode.

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Fatal Error: Purchasing The Wrong Mechanical Keyboard

The last couple months I was very hesitant about purchasing a new keyboard since I am putting aside money to build my next SR20DET. I have always wanted to purchase a mechanical keyboard, but my Logitech G510 has always kept me happy.

Recently, my buddy Jordan Baker purchased the Razer Blackwidow Standard. He has always talked about it in high regards. I was always hesitant to purchase it since: a.) It does not have an LCD screen b.) No volume drum roll c.) not as many macro keys. I soon came to realization that I never use the Logitech G510 LCD screen and I don’t use all the G macro keys to their fullest potential.

When I saw the Corsair Vengeance K90 MMO Mechanical Keyboard release back in February, I instantly fell in love. After reading reviews briefly about the Corsair Vengeance K90 on Newegg and Amazon I decided to purchase the keyboard on impulse. What I failed to do was read up about the differences between Cherry switches. If you are wanting to purchase a mechanical keyboard, I highly recommend that you read up about the differences between Cherry Black, Brown, Blue and Red.

Shame on me for not doing my research. The K90 Mechanical Keyboard has Cherry MX Red switches, and does not have tactile or clicky feedback. These switches are meant for response; the keys themselves are the lightest and easiest to press. This makes the keyboard very responsive to touch and ideal for gaming. After reading more about the Cherry MX Reds, most individuals that wanted a mechanical keyboard for the tactile and clicky response ended up returning their keyboard and purchasing one that had Cherry Blues.

Now here’s my dilemma, I wanted to invest into a new mechanical keyboard strictly because I wanted the tactile and clicky feedback; since that I a.) I code, b.) bit of a typist and c.) I am an avid gamer. Below I found a video from Custom PC Review that discusses the difference between Cherry switches and even demonstrates the sound.

If you are also looking into more technical details about the differences between Cherry switches, I highly recommend heading over to and reading this guide:

And last but not least, I’d like to thank SUPERfreckleland on Youtube for that defining moment where I panicked, ran down to Best Buy and purchased the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate! If you’d like an explanation why Cherry Blues switches are better, skip to 2:30 on her video below. 🙂

Update: 7/30/2012 Erica posted a 1 year follow up of her Blackwidow! See the video below!

Thanks SUPERfreckleland! See you at PAX Prime this year!

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Battlefield 3 Server Admin Hardcore Mode Settings

Below is what you need to set your BF3 server to for hardcore mode. Please reference the BF3 Server Admin Documentation for further information.

[bash]vars.autoBalance true
vars.friendlyFire true
vars.regenerateHealth false
vars.killCam false
vars.miniMap true
vars.hud false
vars.3dSpotting false
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.nameTag false
vars.3pCam false
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
vars.soldierHealth 60
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn true[/bash]

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